The city of Braga awaits you!

Braga is a lively city, one of the oldest in the country, and is teeming with young people who study at its universities.

Built more than 2,000 years ago, “Bracara Augusta” was, as the name indicates, founded by Augustus; it was located on one of the main Roman roads in the Iberian Peninsula, since it was the administrative seat of the Empire, and later given the status of capital of the Roman province of Gallaecia, present-day Galicia, by Emperor Caracalla. The Braga Diocese is the oldest in Portugal and, in the Middle Ages, the city even competed with Santiago de Compostela in power and importance. One of the Camiños de Santiago passed through here, when this pilgrimage cult grew with the Christian reconquest and the foundation of Portugal.

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How to get to Bom Jesus, Braga

By Car

  • Address

    Bom Jesus do Monte
    4715-056 Braga
  • GPS coordinates

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By Plane

  • Oporto’s Airport

    The closest airport to Braga is the Oporto’s Airport (called Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport). It is 50 km away from Braga.
    We strongly advise to flight to this airport.

    We will provide 3 shuttle services on Sunday 17, at 12h00, 15h00 and 17h00

    If you arrive on a diferent day or hour, we recomend to use the Direct shuttle service GetBus []


  • If you plan to take the train or bus to get to Braga by your own, you will arrive at Braga city centre.
    Bom Jesus do Monte, the workshop venue, is located about 7 km away from Braga city centre. The taxi between Braga city centre and Bom Jesus do Monte costs approximately 10€.


Hotel do Lago View Hotel
(Suited for students)
  • Single B/B : 38.00€
  • Double B/B : 45.00€
  • 3rd Bed : 18.50€
Hotel do Parque View Hotel
  • Single B/B : 62.00€
  • Double B/B : 76.00€
  • Suite B/B (2 Pax) : 140.00€
  • 3rd Bed : 28.00€
Hotel do Elevador View Hotel
  • Single B/B : 62.00€
  • Double B/B : 76.00€
  • Suite B/B (2 Pax) : 140.00€
  • 3rd Bed : 28.00€
Hotel do Templo View Hotel
  • Single B/B : 62.00€
  • Double B/B : 76.00€
  • Suite B/B (2 Pax) : 140.00€
  • 3rd Bed : 28.00€

Workshop Venue

The conference will be enclosed in the Bom Jesus complex.

The main conference room will be Sala Torre, in the first floor of the Colunata Events.

The lunch and dinner will take place in a panoramic room with view to the city of Braga, the same place the posters session will happen.

Sala Templo, at the Hotel do Templo, will be the room where the Q&A sessions will take place.

Social Program

The Wednesday's afternoon will be reserved for excursions.

You can choose one of the following excursions, or simply recover energies in the hotel, or discover the Braga city by yourself.


City of Guimarães

The guided visit tour includes:

- Senhora da Penha sanctuary, with a panoramic view over the city
- Castel of Guimarães
- Paço dos Duques
- Historic Center, UNESCO World heritage


City of Porto

The guided visit tour includes:

- Panoramic tour, visiting the main spots
- Walking tour around Clérigos
- Sé do Porto and S. Bento train station
- Panoramic view over the city from the Morro garden